Baraza la Veterinari Tanzania



To oversee veterinary professional ethics and the implementation of Veterinary Act. No. 16 of 2003.

The Council will perform the following activities: -

  • Effect registration enrolment and enlistment of veterinary professional, paraprofessionals and paraprofessional assistants.
  • Monitor the performance of veterinary professionals, paraprofessionals and paraprofessionals assistants.
  • Register and regulate the veterinary practice facilities.
  • Coordinate formulation updating and dissemination of guidelines and standards for these practices.
  • Advise and make recommendations to the Minister on any matters related to veterinary practice.
  • Recognize qualifications training institutions or bodies in accrediting courses of training curriculum, which provide qualifications for registration, enrolment and enlistment of veterinary professionals, paraprofessional and paraprofessional assistants.
  • Exercise effective disciplinary control over the professional ethics and conduct of veterinary practice.
  • Arrange and conduct qualifying examinations to establish competence in the veterinary education and practice.
  • Promote and encourage educational advancement with regard to practice of the veterinary profession.

The Secretariat will be led by a Registrar.