Idara ya Nyanda za Malisho na Rasilimali za Vyakula vya Mifugo



To develop and regulate grazing-land, animal feed resources and mechanization for increased livestock productivity and industrialization.


  • To facilitate and participate in the preparation of land use plans and demarcation of grazing-lands.
  • To facilitate, provide technical backstopping and guide the preparation of grazing-land management plans and register them.
  • To regulate and guide improvement of grazing-lands for sustainability.
  • To provide technical backstopping to the inspectors.
  • To regulate and provide guidance in the production, conservation, import and export of pasture, fodder and seeds.
  • To promote and regulate modernization of livestock (pastoral and agro-pastoral_ production systems and policies.
  • To promote and regulate production and trading of animal feed and feed resources.
  • To promote use of appropriate machines and technologies in livestock.

This Division will be led by a Director and will have three (3) Sections as follows: -

  1. Grazing Land Section
  • Provide guidelines for management, improvement, development and utilization of rangelands.
  • Facilitate and participate in the demarcation of grazing-lands for livestock use.
  • Provide technical capacity building to the Regional Secretariat and LGAs on sustainable rangeland management and utilization.
  • Institute legal and regulatory measures to manage rangelands and control movements of pastoralists and agro pastoralists.
  • Support and promote rangeland resources management bodies.
  • Promote the production, conservation and utilization of pasture, fodder and pasture seeds for domestic and export markets.
  • Oversee, strengthen, monitor and coordinate activities of pasture seeds farms.
  • Promote forage conservation and utilization practices that use appropriate technologies.
  • Promote management and regulate the utilization and conservation of water catchments areas.
  • Regulate development, management and utilization of grazing-lands.
  • Develop and disseminate guidelines on pastoral social welfare and land resources conflict management.
  • Strengthen livestock feed security to mitigate climate change effects.
  • Facilitate construction and rehabilitation of water sources (dams, charcos and boreholes) for livestock.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.

  1. Animal Feed Resources Development Section

This Section will perform the following activities: -

  • Regulate production and trade of compounded animal feed and feed resources.
  • Liaison with TBS and other relevant regulatory authorities to develop and set standards for feed stuffs.
  • Provide advises and technical support to feed manufacturing bodies.
  • Provide technical support to Regional Secretariat and LGAs on animal feed production and standards.
  • Promote production of alternative feed resources such as soy beans and yellow corn for animal feed production.
  • Provide guidelines and technical backstopping to animal feed Inspectors.
  • Promote production, distribution and utilization of quality livestock feeds.
  • Regulate import and export of animal feeds and feed resources.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.

  1. Livestock Mechanization and Machinery Section.

This Section will have the following activities:

  • Promote and monitor uses of machinery in livestock production.
  • Promote use of renewable energy sources (such as bio-gas) in livestock production.
  • Set standards and guidelines for machinery used in livestock industry.
  • Provide technical advice on appropriate machines for different uses in the Sector.
  • Provide effective information on the National Demand, availability and distribution of implements machinery and equipment.
  • Promote and enabling environment for adoption of appropriate technologies in livestock production.
  • Promote and disseminate current and appropriate technologies necessary for industrialization of the sector.

This Section will be led by an Assistant Director.