Kitengo cha Haki za wafugaji Wanyama



The Unit will perform the following activities: -

  • Undertake technical evaluation for grant of Animal Breeders’ Rights.
  • Grant Animal Breeders’ Rights (ABR)
  • Establish and maintain a documentation centre for the purpose of dissemination of information on animal breeders, right in Tanzania.
  • Maintain a register and provide information on animal breeders’ right issued in Tanzania.
  • Facilitate Transfer and licensing of animal breeder’ rights.
  • Collaboration with local and international bodies whose functions relate to intellectual property rights matters.
  • Maintain and manage the Animal Breeders Rights Fund established under the Animal Breeders’ Act.
  • Coordinate matters on property rights that related to animal genetic resources and geographical indicators.

This Unit will be led by a Principal Livestock/Research Officer.